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Strain Theory in Relation to Crime Strain causes people to act against the law, breaking laws to attain their means. Merton’s theory on strain and anomie provides us with reasons for why the offender committed the crime break and enter. Merton’s strain theory shows us that the offender understood the norms of society but could not attain the means of it, he needed money go back to his girlfriend who was out west. Merton’s theory states that an individual who is lacking in social forms is more likely to commit crime due to stress. The offender grew up with many different types of strain, destine for failure in life when he dropped out of high school. Without a high school education he had a hard time finding a job and had a strain on…show more content…
“The disparity between what lower class youth are led to want and what is actually available to them is the source of a major problem of adjustment. Adolescents who form delinquent subcultures … have internalized on emphasis upon conventional goals. Faced with limitations on legitimate avenues of access to these goals, and unable to revise their aspirations downward, they experience intense frustrations; the exportation of non conformist alternatives ma be the result.” (Murphy, Robinson) 2) To reduce crime in a society using Merton’s strain theory there must be equal opportunities for everyone. With equal opportunities there will be no need to commit crimes to gain wealth, as everyone has the same opportunity to gain wealth. As today more and more people are being hired because they have a certain amount of pull with one company are they might know that person who can give a good recommendation. Basically there is a need to remove the work politics. There needs to be more social groups and meetings for people that are struggling to find jobs or those who have lower than normal incomes so crime can be prevented. Without equal opportunity one will be forced to preclude way to get means illegally. The individual had a loss of attachment with the social world, also not having any say or direct control like a boss of a company caused him to commit crime. He committed these crimes because he was in a low social class removed from society. The community did nothing to
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