Strains Among Enrique And Lourdes

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Strains amongst Enrique and Lourdes start to rise. Enrique hates his mom for having abandoned him, and says that "cash does not unravel anything" (197). He blames her for cherishing Belky more than she did him, contending Belky got a decent home while he was left with a reckless father. He tells Lourdes that he considers his grandma, Maria, to be his genuine mother. Lourdes tells Enrique that he ought to accuse his dad for leaving, and his grandma for making him offer flavors in the city when he was a tyke. In conclusion, she says he ought to point the finger at himself for spending the cash she sent him on medications.

Mother and child get to be repelled. Enrique drinks more, and spends the vast majority of his cash at topless bars. He doesn 't send enough cash to Jasmín. María Isabel sits tight for his telephone call every Sunday, and is in some cases excessively passionate, making it impossible to talk via telephone. Enrique 's family in Honduras, including his grandma, sister, and three aunties, continually censure María Isabel 's mothering. They say the child is grimy, severely dressed, and too thin. They blame María Isabel for squandering the cash Enrique sends by purchasing her mom heart and asthma pharmaceutical, and by purchasing herself hair color. María Isabel, having lived the vast majority of her life in complete neediness, feels defended in spending a touch of cash on herself and her mom. She starts to profoundly despise the obstruction of Enrique 's family.…

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