J. The Avila’S Mexican American Family. The Movie What’S

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The Avila’s Mexican American Family
The movie what’s cooking depicts a film about four families with different cultures and the same problem most families endure in America. The family chosen to write about is the Avila’s Mexican American family. This paper will construct a genogram which gives a picture of the relational dynamics in the family’s and an assessment of the relational Infidelity between the parents that effects commitment and the breach of trust, ending in separation and divorce; presented in the Avila’s family. The Avila’s family has planned a Thanksgiving dinner, which is American tradition dealing with invited guests. Assessment of the Family
The family origins, starting with the Grandmother Emma, husband whose is …show more content…

Conversely, until Elizabeth, Javier ex-wife’s boyfriend shows up, she invited for dessert. Javier becomes angry and begins to insist that he wants his family back; that he walked away from. He begins stonewalling the family at the thanksgiving dinner because his ex-wife had invited her boyfriend for dessert. Javier becomes angry and begins to stipulate that he wants his family back; that he walked away from.
Elizabeth Avila’s is Mexican American middle age, divorced mother and employed as an elementary school teacher; also ex-wife to Javier Avila’s. She prepares Thanksgiving dinner for her family. Elizabeth and the ex-husband Javier Avila’s have a distant relationship and he no longer lives in the house; they are divorced. Elizabeth appears to be a strong mother who has moved forward with her life. She works with a teacher who appears to be a nice gentleman that cares for her. The boyfriend has never met the family until the Thanksgiving holiday. As a single mother, Elizabeth continues to advise her two young adult children on how to live their lives and how she is going to lead her own life. She has fused relationship with her mother, Emma, Anthony and Gina; they all have a great connection. Elizabeth and the children get along without the father Javier, who left without any contact and never

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