Strange Death of Silas Deane

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“The Strange Death of Silas Deane” by James West Davison and Mark Hamilton Lytle creates a new perspective on what people see history as. Although many people would define history as something that happened in the past, through “The Strange Death of Silas Deane”, the authors demonstrate that this everyday view on history can be profoundly misleading.

In the section, “An Untimely Death”, the author explains the key events of Deane's life and his death. Silas Deane “began his life as the son of a humble blacksmith in Groton, Connecticut” (16). He went from rags-to-riches as he graduated from Yale College and opened up a practice. Deane married, divorced, and married again. He wasn’t happy being a businessman so he entered politics. He …show more content…

His story reveals a lot about himself as well as Deane. The reason why Deane contacted Bancroft when he was going to England was so Congress’s Committee of Secret Correspondence had “a good source of information about British war plans” (23). As mentioned earlier, Arthur Lee did accuse Deane of using his position to make a profit for himself, but that was just an accusation up until now. Apparently Deane was

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