Strangers Somewhat Like Me

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As I look around me, first to the right, then the left, up and down, I see creatures that look as I do yet they are very different. We have many similarities. Perhaps we are related? These creatures called Homo sapiens are most certainly different than my kind, Australopithecus afarensis. I can see we move the same way, both of us walk upright and on two legs, apparently. I see that we both have eyes not to the side of our head but in the front. I also see parents caring for their children who are more than a few years old. While I see all of these similarities I see few major differences between us. A few differences that I can easily spot are that their head is much larger than my own but their jaw is smaller, their bodies are also different than mine, and they communicate using a type of language. One of the first observations I made when I saw the Homo sapiens was they have an incredibly large head. They must be highly intelligent, their brain size is about 1300 cubic centimeters(Dorey 2013) while mine is merely 430 cubic centimeters (Larson 2013: 250). With a brain this large it is easy to see how they were able to make many of the tools that have helped adapt to their environment. In a way these Homo sapiens are able to make their own environment. Homo sapiens are able to adapt to may kinds of climate and terrains without much difficulty. Along with their large head size their teeth are also a bit strange. Homo sapiens have a smaller jaw than I do, suggesting that

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