Strategic Direction Of An Airline

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4.1. Business Level Strategy The strategic direction of an airline must comprise a successful business strategy allowing the airline to compete with an advantage. Each department needs to make sure that employees implement the strategies that come from a corporate level and operate within the company’s brand values. This will assist in building the brand and improving the customer relationship focus. From the analysis of the internal environment, it is established that business level strategy BA implements is differentiation. This is because it offers a high quality premium service to its passengers that makes it quite difficult to compete with a cost leadership approach. If compared to the cost leadership, differentiation mainly deals with the external business environment as it looks for most appropriate and relevant ways of lining up their products to satisfy unique customer needs and meet their requirements Pursuing a differentiation implies focusing on supplying the market with a unique, not yet provided, service. This is most notable from BA’s first class passenger segment (Proctor, 2010). An organisation provides a new in-flight entertainment services, more legroom and individualised attention to its clients along with a consistent and thoughtgul service while other airlines lack from in spite of high prices BA charges. Moreover, an airline has a prompt and efficient check in services to guarantee that the safety of its passengers is of prime importance and
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