Strategic Information Systems For Business And Enterprise

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Group Assignment-2

Topic : Analysis of B Bakery for implementing Accounting Software Student Details
Student ID Jaya Jawalkar- DC2369
Yuk ting NG – LUX2017
Anisa Shaheen- VSS2334
Asma Javed-HBD2240
Dheeraj Bhati- BSI2178
Due Date 12th June 2015
Course Masters of Professional Accounting
Lecturer A H M Shafiul Azam
Referencing Style Harvard

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Case Study – B Bakery (Family owned Business) 3
1. 1. Business Processes 4
1. 2. Business Function 5
i) Manufacturing 5 ii) Finance 5 iii) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 5 iv) Supply Chain Management 5
v) Human Resources 5
2. Business Requirements 6
A) Indispensable Processes: 6
B) Key features of a good financial system at a glance 7
3. System Requirements 7
4. Software Selection 8
5. Vendor Selection 9
A) Introduction of two ERP (MYOB & ONE UP) 9
B) Cost 9
C) Technology models 11
D) Product feature 12
6. ERP Software Reviews 12
Conclusions 13
References 14
Appendix 15

These days, many companies try to achieve greater competitiveness when compared to its competitors by product improvements, innovative ideas, reducing costs, market differentiation, etc. Currently new tools have been applied to help companies that combines and manage business processes as a whole and not separately. Information Technology has brought benefits through
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