Strategic Management Indigo Airlines

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Strategic Management INDIGO AIRLINES Europe Asia Business School Strategic Management Your Tutor's Name: Prof. Bella Butler Full name of the student: Deepak Namram Full name of the student: Gargi Kumari Full name of the student: Sujata Sah Student number: 09104 Student number: 09105 Student number: 09121 Due Date: 10th Sep 2009 Date submitted: 10th Sep 2009 We declare the attached assignment is our own work and has not previously been submitted, in whole or in part, for assessment in any other unit. We have retained a copy of this assignment for my own records. Signed Signed Signed ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________…show more content…
Employees working in multiple roles. Unbundling of ancillary charges to make the headline fare lower. In this report, we will analyse what strategies IndiGo followed to enter the aviation industry. Also, we will discuss how IndiGo implemented the low cost strategy to gain competitive advantage and provide recommendations to sustain its competitive position in the long-term. To know about the industry attractiveness of aviation and the factors that helped IndiGo enter this market, we will use the Porter’s Five Forces model. This will be useful in gaining insight about the entry barriers, power of buyers and suppliers, competition among the existing players and the feasible alternatives in aviation industry. SWOT analysis of the company will help us understand the current positioning of the company based on the analysis of external and internal environments. For internal analysis, we will study the criteria for sustainable competitive advantage as well as the Value Chain Analysis. This will help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Further, the analysis of government policies, competitor’s strategies and other variables like fuel prices, increasing domestic traffic, economic downturn etc will lead us to the external influences that affect the aviation industry of India. Hence, using the external environment study, we
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