Strategic Planning Process And Plan

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Strategic Planning Process and Plan Harper College’s Information Technology (IT) Client Services department houses the Information Security group. This group does not gather most of its own data, so the leaders will need to gather metric information from other College areas. Harper College Mission and Vision The Harper College mission is “Harper College enriches its diverse communities by providing quality, affordable, and accessible education. Harper College, in collaboration with its partners, inspires the transformation of individual lives, the workforce, and society” (Mission, 2015). The Harper College vision is “Committed to academic integrity and excellence, Harper College will be a leader in teaching and learning, transforming lives by responding to the needs of the individual and the community” (Mission, 2015). IT Mission, Vision, and Values The IT department mission is: The Information Technology organization supports Harper 's mission by providing technological tools and support that permits the academic and administrative areas to deliver integrated services for students and faculty to participate and collaborate in the learning experience. The Information Technology organization provides technological tools that emphasize and support the College, through the integration of audio, video and data in the application of Telecommunications, Networking, Computing, and Information Technologies. (Welcome, 2010) The IT Vision is “All members of the Harper community
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