Strategic Studies After The First World War

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The concept of security has been under development during the last decades and the traditional definition of it as the capability of the stat to protect it self against any military threats proven to be limited where new kinds of threats evolved such as (economic,social,enviromental and many others).Moreover, the identified enemy in the traditional definition start to be very difficult because of the international relations which might forced some countries not to declare another country as an enemy the relation between USA and the ex USSR can be a clear example.§ to start with it is very important to very between security as a concept and security studies as the concept of security being used in political science for many years. however …show more content…

By the end of the 18th century the idea of creating an entity in the state that would be responsible of the state security by using diplomatic and military means. One of the French Revolution main ideas was that the individual security is part of the national security and this was also among the ideas of the capitalism theorist such as Adam Smith and Montesquieu where they consider the state as the main actor who was responsible of protecting the society from any threats such as social violence when it 's come to internal threats or from the invasion by other states for the external threat in result security is part of the state responsibilities.

According to Ernest may====== the idea of security in general had been shifted to our national security for the first time in the United States of America precisely after 1945. That was the result of the states concentration to reorganize its establishments to make it more capable to protect the states security and that resulted of the existence of CIA and NSA with the time the concept of national security has denominated most of the political manifestoes in the United States and start to include not only the military threats but also then I did states interest in economy and politics internally and externally.

There is no unified definition for the concept of national security however, Arnold

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