Strategies For Dealing With Terrorism

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Independent investigation
Topic: Strategies for dealing with terrorism in the US, Europe and Australia.
Due Date: Monday
1.) What is terrorism? Examples, groups/events.
2.) How terrorism has/could be handled or prevented.
3.) Conclusion-sum up essay, my own opinion on terrorism.
Terrorism is a criminal act that influences an audience beyond the immediate victim”. A lot of the time when someone commits an act of terrorism, it is because they are demonstrating faith and loyalty to their religious views and beliefs, political, or ideological and the persecutors aim to intimidate governments and put fear into the eyes of societies. In Australia this year, there are about 7 known terrorist groups spread around the country. These seven groups in Australia at the moment includes: "Ahmed Y" group, Benbrika group in Melbourne, Al-Shabaab, Syrian syndicate, Cheikho group in Sydney, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Mantiqi (Jemaah Islamiah). All around the world, terrorism is growing quickly and it is damaging countries, communities and families. Something needs to be done about the issue and some people are already acting on it today.
A huge wake up call for the whole world was the 9/11 attacks. So many people’s lives were changed or taken away when this disaster struck in the United States. Many people are scared for life because of what happened that day and it got them to thinking more seriously about how to prevent terrorism and how to treat terrorists or suspected terrorists.
All around the

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