Strategies For Preventing Misuse : The Girl Who Played With Fire

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Strategies to Prevent Misuse Due to lack of prudence Kristen “Kiki” Ostrenga was very lenient with her posts and the people she talked to when it came to her online persona as “Kiki Kannibal”. With the intention to use the internet to receive attention a vast amount of problems were created for her and her family. Kiki Kannibal received the attention she wanted from fans and also negative attention from other profiles and bullies. In “Kiki Kannibal: The Girl Who Played with Fire” Sabrina Rubin Erdely demonstrates the undesired outcomes of when the internet is used without there being control or regulation. Peter Singer also has similar views when it comes to different aspects of technology in “Visible Man: Ethics in a World Without Secrets” Singer talks about how technology and privacy affects democracy in government and how it is using technology to spy on its citizens. Tenzin Gyatso share his opinion about technology in “Ethics and the New Genetics”, and he explains how the vast majority of people do not have the right knowledge to tamper with genetics and genetical science; thus, leading to the misuse of technology. All these texts share a common subject which is that they talk about how if technology is not used correctly it may lead to negative outcomes. While the Kiki Kannibal text is based from personal experience, both Peter Singer and Tenzin Gyatso essays are opinions that still demonstrates the circumstance of the misuse of technology. With the abuse of

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