Strawberry Fields by Miriam Wells

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There has been a long standing debate between the socio-economic theories of capitalism and socialism. The current socio-economic system is capitalism but many feel it is not ideal due to the fact that it is based on making a profit. On the other hand, socialism is based on equality of all, which is enacted by paying all workers the same amount of money regardless of occupation. Miriam J. Wells is against capitalism and holds a socialist view point. According to Wells, politics shape the advantages and disadvantages that certain groups of people hold. The government plays an immense role on how things are structured in the fields in order to make a profit based on capitalism. Wells’ argument of capitalism being an unjust system due to…show more content…
Wells tries to prove here that not only does the government think about profits but they also think about who has the power in the agri-business. America is usually thought of as “the land of equal opportunity for all”, but in fact the government does not provide equal economic opportunities. Instead, the government helps big business owners exploit their immigrant employees.
Furthermore, Well’s argument also shows how even in a capitalist society a system such as sharecropping can exist and bring with it better class relations that benefit growers and workers. One reason for the return of sharecropping was due to labor shortages caused by the termination of the Bracero program. Growers decided to divide their farms into smaller groups which are headed by a husband and wife; they supervised a couple of workers who were family members or friends. This enhanced personal connections as personal relationships played a role in order to get a profit out of the farm allocated. By working alongside family and friends, there was a motivation to perform. Due to the personal work relations, there was no need of employers/employees. The sharecroppers did not believe they were superior to their fellow laborers. This shows that even though there is a capitalist society there was a sense of community. These people are not only thinking about individual profits but also the profit for their family and friends. This also leads to there being no labor resistance. Workers

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