Streetcar Named Desire

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Short stories form a different way of writing. Like all other type of literary genres, short stories are created with a distinct message, but a much more powerful one that is convey in such fewer pages. They convey a meaning and message that hits the reader in a profound yet questionable way that leaves the reader, sometimes, confused. Short stories allow for a conversation, an argument, and/or a thought as to what is actually being conveyed. The message is not always directly expressed, but sometimes conveyed in such a way that the reader must figure it out. A great example of such writing is Balthazar's Marvelous Afternoon, written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Is Balthazar a man worthy of his work? Is he in it for profits? Does he do it for the joy of the receiver? These are all things that we, as the …show more content…

Chepe Montiel was taking a nap when his wife woke him up to talk about the cage. He first speaks on how he never ordered the beautiful cage, but then gets enraged and disappointment given that Balthazar failed to speak him before creating the cage for a child. He refused to pay for it telling Balthazar to “take it away at once, and sell it to whomever you can” (p. 387). Pepe is saddened at his father's words and reaction, throwing himself to the floor. Balthazar approaches the child with the cage in his arms and tells him he can keep it. "After all, that is what I made it for…I made it expressly as a gift for Pepe. I did not expect to charge anything for it" (p.388). When Balthazar comes back to the townspeople he attempts to impress them with having received a large sum of money in return for the cage and pays for everyone’s bears at the bar. He gets intoxicated, for the first time, and does not start his travels home until the next day. Again, was he foolish for not selling it to someone who could have

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