Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Career Essay

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1 BBA ‘A’ In today’s world, there are a wide range of opportunities available to every individual. No matter what one’s strengths or weaknesses are there are always opportunities available for each and every one. All we require is the art of managing ourselves properly. A person can perform only from strengths because only when you operate from your strengths you can hope to reach true excellence. This has been proved by great historians like Napoleon, da Vinci and Mozart have always learnt to manage themselves. We basically have to learn to develop and place ourselves at a position where we can make the greatest contribution. Peter Drucker in …show more content…

What are my values? Like individuals, organisations also have values such as incremental improvements vs breakthroughs, emphasis on short term results vs long term goals, quality vs quantity and growth vs sustenance. Basically, an individual’s values should match with the organizations for one to enjoy the work he does. Values are and should be the ultimate test. Where do I belong? People who know where they belong at an early stage are few in number. People should rather be able to decide where they do not belong. Knowing where one belongs can transform one’s life and make them reach great heights. How should I contribute? Usually people take those tasks assigned to them or which they are expected to do. Instead one should look out at the situation and make contributions. Once you find the right answers, create a plan for 18 months which is stretchable and achievable. To aim at results that cannot be achieved-or that can be only under the most unlikely circumstances-is not being ambitious; it is being foolish. The results should make a difference which is meaningful, measurable and visible. From this will come a course of action: what is to be done, where and how to get started, and what goals and deadlines need to be set. RESPONSIBILITY FOR RELATIONSHIPS Managing yourself requires taking responsibility for relationships. There are very few people who work on themselves, most others work with others. This makes it

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