Strengths And Weaknesses Of Evolution

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Charles Darwin published in November 1859 "The Origin of Species by natural selection". Darwin uses his reasoning and the evidence he found to explain his theories of evolution. Darwin knew that the text he was writing was controversial and many people discussed the evidence Darwin had presented. This evolution is simply a theory; There are strengths and weaknesses that do not exist if it were a fact. Three of evolution's strengths are the evidence of fossils and the connection between living animals and animals of the past, the idea of natural selection, and Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest and freedom of the 19th century. Darwin developed his theory to recognize the company's motivation towards science. Three weaknesses of…show more content…
In observing the fossils, Darwin also noted similarities between the earth, the swimming and the flying animals. An example of this is pentadactyl limb. This is a homologous structure that can be found in humans, cats, bats and whales. During Darwin's journey on the Beagle, he met the Galapagos Islands. He not only noticed that the species in the Galapagos Islands deviated from the permeable islands, but that the species differed on the island itself. As he watched the turtles, Darwin noted similarities and differences that turtles had. The different qualities these creatures had were the shape, size and color of the shell. These features were all similar, but they had small changes as if they had been adjusted. Darwin also noted similarities and differences found in a group of birds. These birds are more famous than Darwin's finches. Like the turtles, the finches had many similarities, but they also varied in size and shape, color, and had aesthetic differences, such as the shape of the beak. The fossils found in an area are usually the deceased of the species that currently live there. There are still gaps in the fossil record, though it is more complete than when Darwin published his theory (Barton 73). Darwin's refutation of this argument is not all fossilized and therefore there are big gaps (Shermer 8). It is also important to note the movement of the plates. The fossils may have fallen from the earth
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