Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Phone Call

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- Krista executes on the strong intro when she picks up the phone call.

- Krista asks the client 's questions to find out more about who she is working with and when she provided the documentation.

- Good foreshadow to the hold.

- Krista takes ownership by offering to leave a voicemail on the client 's behalf, when prompted.

- Krista ends the call by thanking the client for calling in.


- Call recording disclosure. Krista discloses the call to the wife when she first picks up. At :17 the wife says that she will put the phone on speaker so that the husband/client can hear as well. Krista then addresses the client, however, she does not disclose that the call is being recorded. As a best practice, when a client advises they are putting the phone on speaker, disclose that the call is being recorded right away. This is important for legal reasons.

- Verification. After the wife explains the reason for her call, Krista asks for the phone # to pull up the loan. At :58, Krista then asks the husband (the name listed on the account) if he 'd like to add his wife as an Okay To Speak With. The husband is not verified before giving authorization for his wife to be added. Krista then goes on to verify the wife only and shortly after discloses the myql account information to her. It is important that we verify the client prior to getting permission to speak with another individual about their account and adding somebody else as an okay to speak

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