Stress And Its Effects On Children

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Humans are not the only species to undergo stress; it has been used as a survival tactic across all lineages of organisms. One necessity of stress is when it produces the instinct of fight or flight, that enables individuals to overcome a threatening situation or to run like the wind. In an advanced society, stress has become self-produced and normalized into society, whereas people are always looking for efficiency in the fastest way possible. However, not many individuals realize children undergo stress at the hands of others that produce severe biological and psychological effects, as well as long-term deficiencies. Considering, America is the wealthiest industrialized economy, society needs to be aware of stress-related issued in children so that we can tackle the problem to save current and potential victims. Stress in children is complex to detect, considering their still developing and adapting to the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, there are cases when a child is subjected to traumatic situations and never receive therapeutic treatment, thereby resulting in some children remaining powerless to discover their own coping mechanism to ease the emotional suffering.

Although stress has imposed beneficiaries for the survival of humankind, Stress becomes negative when an individual feels threatened and when they are not in control of the situation. This type of feeling commences reactions that affect the brain and body that can destroy physical and psychological…
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