Strong response to Emily Andrews 'Why I don't Spare 'Spare Change''

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Emily Andrews argues in her essay “Why I Don’t Spare “Spare Change”” that it does more harm than good to give money to beggars on the street rather than giving to an organization such as United Way to help the needy, pointing out that “one cannot be certain that one is giving to a needy individual” and that by giving to a charitable organization “ones money is likely to be used wisely.” I believe Andrews has set up her essay well, her title alerting the reader of the topic, having an attention-grabbing sentence in the first paragraph starting with common phrases as “poor but honest”, and having a sense of her audience, taking account of how her readers feel about her arguments. However, I do think that she has made some problematic …show more content…

As stated in paragraph three, by giving to a charity to help needy individuals “one can feel that one’s money is likely to be used wisely.” Andrews could’ve used this argument as a way to tie drug and alcohol abusers with “the poor”, arguing that, although not

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