Structural Organization : The Middle River Regional Jail

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STRUCTURAL ORGANIZATION The Middle River Regional Jail is a highly structured organization. The jail consists of many units; we toured Intake, Segregation, Work Release, Education, Medical, and the Female Minimum Security unit. Each unit is heavily monitored highly trained officers located in a main control room in order to ensure the safety of both the officers and inmates. Each unit is locked by heavy doors that require authorization to pass through. Inmates are divided up into different housing units depending on the amount of points they acquire; inmates are assigned points based on the crimes they have committed as well as their behavior inside of the jail. When an individual arrives at the jail, they are required to wear an orange jumpsuit. If an individual is held in holding for over 48 hours, they are processed into the jail by Officer David Kane. After being processed, inmates are assigned different uniform colors based on their level of security: orange jumpsuits represent inmates in medium security; orange and white striped jumpsuits represent inmates in maximum security; inmates in blue and white uniforms represent inmates who are trustees; inmates in blue uniforms represent those in the work force. If an inmate requires medical assistance, they can send a request form to the medical unit, and depending in the severity of their issue they will either be seen right away or put in line. CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF CONCEPTS AND EXPERIENCES There have been many

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