Structured Family Therapy : Emotionally Focused Therapy

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Structured Family Therapy: Emotionally Focused Therapy

Valencia W. Wright
Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy
HUMN – 6356 – 3
Dr. E. Roberts

Walden University
May 8, 2016


This paper evaluates the Structural Family Therapy model and its impact on the Emotionally Focused Therapy by Sue Johnson. This paper will discuss the concepts of therapy utilized within the Structural Family Therapy model and how Sue Johnson utilized many of its methods when constructing Emotionally Focused Therapy model. The history of family therapy will be evaluated and the goals of family therapy. Research has proven that due to these clinical practices, families and couples are allowed to evolved issues in which they face into healthy relationships by evaluating patterns in behaviors and past events in their lives. Therapy focuses on the correction of the dysfunctional family as a cohesive unit and does not place focus on the individual. Therefore we find the psychotherapy as a family unit deems to be more effective than previous practices of an isolated session with only the patient and therapist.

Structural Family Therapy

Within the early practices of family therapy, it began during the 1950’s and focused upon an individual-therapist relationship ( Early therapist such as Freud and Rodgers focused upon the individual behavior which was internal, even though they understood that family interactions shapes a person’s…
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