Sttylistic Characteristics Of The Campana Brothers

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o The Campana Brothers were born in 1953 in Rio.The two brothers decided to team up in 1983 and started making furniture designs out of everyday life and objects that we see and use everyday. They uses materials and scraps such as; 6 “ cardboard, rope, cloth and wood scraps, plastic tubes and aluminium wire” In 1998 The Campana Brothers were the first ever Brazilian artists to have their art is the Museum of modern art in New York. The Campana Brothers mess around with materials until they begin to take shape and from there they slowly transform them into something bigger. 7“Campana brothers are one of the most influential creative duo shaping the practice and image of contemporary design since 1980s. The Campana Brothers were inspired by…show more content…
This chair took the two brothers Four days to make using 500 m of natural cotton and acrylic rope, they created this product by using a special knotting system that only one person in the edna factory can actually do, this brought the chair to life although the chair does look very random as a finished product. The colours of this chair immediately remind you of the Italian flag with its vibrant colours. The sushi chair: o The sushi chair is created with loads of various materials that have vibrant colours to them, this chair has been put together layer by layer of material each layer is different had has to be stuck down so that it wont come off. When you first see this chair the shape and look of it makes you think about sushi, because of the way that the chair has been manufactured to reassemble a California roll (sushi). Crocodile

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