Students, Citizens, And All People Alike

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In various researches there has been conducted studies with reference to students, citizens, and all people alike in order to draw attention to what determines a recreation of an action that has been observed. Why the individual has replicated the act. How it has effect on their mental state. What possibilities have could have driven them to do the action. This research will provide details on how the surroundings will and can affect people who are still developing and how it could affect their future life styles and views in a more violent manner. Observation happens everyday in an individual’s life. People use what senses they have to them in order to perceive multiple occasions and events. Some people may try and attempt to recreate…show more content…
Bandura’s plan was to get adolescents to observe a non-aggressive role model to play with the bobo doll and then show another portion of adolescents to a more aggressive role model on the occasion the adult would play with the bobo doll in a rougher manner. Then leave the child off in the room alone to observe what the adolescent would do himself or herself after being exposed to the adult’s time with them. Before the experiment headed under way Bandura had written his various thoughts on what could possibly influence the outcome. He predicted that adolescents exposed to the more aggressive adults would be likely to reenact and replicate the aggressive actions they observed on the bobo doll. Where as the children who observed the non aggressive adults would be less likely to participate in harming the bobo doll afterwards. He believed that children that share the same gender with the adult would be more likely to be influenced by the adult and replicate their action aggressive or non-aggressive. Bandura had observed adolescents around the age of four from a nursing school, thirty-six boys and thirty-six girls. The total were split into three groups of twenty-four. One group exposed to a non-aggressive role model, another group exposed to the aggressive role model, and one other group not exposed to any role model. As a final note bandura made sure that every adolescent had an average amount of aggression they could work with. The
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