Students In Year-Round Schools

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“Students in “year-round” schools don't learn more than their peers in traditional nine-month schools”- Paul Von Hippel
Because we agree with the statement by Paul von Hippel, a sociologist at Ohio State university my partner and I reject the resolution: ¨Does year round schooling benefit students, their families & the community?¨
We offer the following two reasons to support our side. One, it has multiple effects on families with their children and it has an effect on maintenance/preparation within school on custodians.

Our first reason is: It has affects on families & students. There isn’t actual concrete proof that students actually benefit, Paul did his own study and said that an estimate of about 62% of all studies saying that “year round schooling benefits children” has been disproven. He constructed the study on hundreds of different students who attended year round school and also students who attended the normal year. a study done on an elementary school in Virginia showed that only 30-40% of the
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Teachers and custodians were asked on their opinion about year round schooling and around 55% said that they would feel a sense of being worn out due to constant working without any long breaks. Teachers who don’t make enough money through teaching and wouldn’t be able to get a 2nd summer job. Iowa, is ranked 25th in the nation for teacher pay and on average teachers get paid less than 50k. To some teachers that isn’t enough to make payments and take care of a family. There are also logistical reasons to why year-round schooling wouldn’t be beneficial and one of the reasons are that not many schools provide air conditioning through the entire school. For example, here at MHS. The amount of money it would take to provide AC over a long period of time would be millions! It would more than likely take years to make up the money for that and also the AC’s would need to be replaced if one
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