Study Of Young Black And White Adults Essay

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The articles I chose to review are Gengler’s (2014) “‘I Want You to Save My Kid!’ Illness Management Strategies, Access, and Inequality at an Elite University Research Hospital,” and Krieger & Sidney (1996) “Racial Discrimination and Blood Pressure: The CARDIA Study of Young Black and White Adults.” B. Gengler (2014). Investigated how families accessed and negotiated medical care with differing level of culture health care capital. She observed families when they discussed and interacted with their doctors about their child’s medication and interviewed families about the consequence of examination; moreover, asked different families how they experienced the doctor’s advice or treatment. Krieger and Sidney (1996) studied people’s self-reported blood pressure and experience of racial discrimination and unfair treatment, with a survey on coronary artery risk development in young adults. C. Gengler (2014) conducted her data by observation and fieldwork at Kelly-Reed University Hospital, and Krieger and Sidney (1996) conducted their data by surveying people. D. Gengler (2014) discovered that the children had a different illness and treatment experiences because families who had high cultural health capital direct every treatment their child received from healthcare providers; moreover, they were involved in the medication decisions and interfered successfully in the treatments their child received. On the other hand, she found out those families who had less cultural health

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