Study On Socio Ecological Resources Of The Place Of My Residence

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Topic: Study on Socio-Ecological Resources of the Place of My Residence
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1. Introduction
Name of the place: Municipal ward/Gram Panchayat of My Residence. 3. History of the Place, Personalities, Monuments, & Schools, Colleges, Clubs, Libraries etc. 4. Geography- roads, rivers, canals. 5. Natural and community resources, (flora, fauna, parks, ponds/lakes, community forest etc). 6. Demography: Race, Religion, Caste, Education, Income etc. 7. Traditional/community/local knowledge (traditional medicine, folksong, food, crafts, festivals, events/ fairs etc. 8. Local economy.

I stay in Salt lake which has a historical importance as it was developed by Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy between the years of 1958-1965 to accommodate the overpopulation rising in Kolkata and other surrounding areas,. It is one of the first planned cities in West Bengal. Over the years it has emerged as a important hub of offices of vital importance as well as it is suited with modern residential facilities close by. The roads are very well maintained and are clean. It is one of the few localities in West Bengal which supports extensive greenery, there by having a reduced level of air pollution as compared to other parts of Bengal.
1. Purpose Of The Study
The purpose of the research study is to document the findings of the research

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