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11SOR Multimodal Presentation
From its creation in the late 20th century the internet has become a part of our everyday lives. In Catholicism, Confession is a very important ritual for the forgiveness of sins. Now that society is evolving onto the online world, so are the rituals and practices of the Catholic Church. I believe an online Confession app has the authenticity of an offline one, but lacks the effectiveness of the sacrament as it was intended to be. In order to understand this opinion, you must recognise Smart’s 7 Dimensions, how Catholic Confession is conducted both online and off, the benefits and disadvantages of using either the online or offline version, and the authenticity and effectiveness.
The Catholic Confession in
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These 7 features include the Doctrinal and Philosophical Dimension, Narrative or Mythological Dimension, the Ethical and Legal Dimension, the Practical and Ritual Dimension, the Experiential and Emotional Dimension, the Social and Institutional Dimension and the Material Dimension. These dimensions collaborate with each other to form the basis on which a ritual lies. In the Catholic sacrament of confession, these dimensions all play an important part which contributes to the outcome of the ritual. The Doctrinal and Philosophical dimension describes the dimension which incorporates the intellectual components of religions. The Narrative or Mythological dimension is the dimension which makes up the stories of religions, for example the story of creation or dreamtime stories. The Ethical and Legal dimension concerns what is good and bad, and what you must do if you do something against the religion. The Practical and Ritual dimension is what the adherents of a religion do as a part of the religion, such as prayer and ritual. The Experiential and Emotional dimension focuses on the subjective and emotional side of the religion or what happens on the inside. The Social and Institutional side of the religion is how people’s interactions are planned within the religion. The final dimension, Material, is the physical forms of the religion, such as a church or a statue. Although these 7 dimensions aid the process of determining whether or not an action is a ritual, confession is

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