Studying Islam Through International Students ' Experiences With Food

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While Baton Rouge, cannot be considered a large city, it is home to a well-sized state University. Considering the amenities that the school has access to and the ever-rising demand for fluent English in workforces around the globe, it is not surprising there is a large international student population. My research took place among the Omani students here. I chose Islam because I felt conducting fieldwork among a group that I had been acquainted with and had several connections with, would a good way to go about learning about a religion with which I was familiar on the most basic terms. I decided to study Islam through these international students’ experiences with food. I drew on my own past feelings and experiences when I had studied abroad in Europe and wondered if these Omani students would have had to adjust in more significant ways, given that their home and host culture were much more different and the added element of the halal food laws that are required by Islam. I also hoped to gain some insight into their daily lives here, and back home in Oman and how the two differed. I also chose food because of its pervasive nature into everyday life. For many around the world, food serves as a source of not only sustenance and nutrition but also as a way to relax, to connect with others, as a way to cope, and countless other things. Of course, it ranks quite high up on the scale of importance next to religion and the two are linked by way of both social customs and…
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