Studying Renaissance through Its Art Essay

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When we think about art there are many mediums used to express how artist feel. Some artists express themselves using pictures, music, or films. When you think of specific time periods the art work of that period expresses the overall emotions of the people, and we can learn a lot about a time period by studying the art of the time. The time period that most expresses is the Renaissance.
The Renaissance is known for the paintings, sculptures and most decorative art from the European period history. It was known as the “rebirth” and mostly is the period in the European civilization mostly following the middle ages. The Renaissance was the period that had discovery and explorations of the new continents that substituted the Copernican for …show more content…

The economy during the Renaissance was a very price able period that allowed people to sell their own products on the streets and make their own profits. The tools that had developed in the Middle Ages for the exploration is used during the Renaissance period (Wilde). One of the tools is called an astrolabe that is a portable device that is used by the sailors to help them find their way home. They are often used by measuring the distance of the sun and the stars above the horizon, the astrolabes helped them determine the latitude and longitude, and it’s an important tool that helped the sailors navigate their way back to shore. The magnetic compass was also one of the inventions that were invented in the 12th century but was improved during the Renaissance period (Thompson 167).
The explosion of the art during the Renaissance period was mostly the paintings and the sculptures that were the most famous things that all the people during that time period wanted to see or buy from the artist for an available but nice price. The two most famous painters and sculptors are Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. They were both known as the “Renaissance Man” during that time. For example, a payment for a stone statue might be a year of living expenses, while the same statue in bronze would

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