The Renaissance : The Art Of The Renaissance

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“The Renaissance is studied by the name of the artists and architects, with their creations recorded as great historical events”- Arthur Erickson. This quote it accurately relates to many artists and architects as they shaped the world that we live in every day. The Renaissance birthed the great talents from artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo who brought a life like perspective of art and set a trend of using light and shadowing to bring the artwork to life. This allowed artist to be able to record a realistic image of families allowing us to see realistic images before the creation of the camera was created. Architecture has changed the way that we live significantly as architectures such as Filippo Brunelleschi who designed the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral discovering new definitions in gravity. Leon Battista Alberti (1404–1472) worked as an architect from the 1450s onward, Alberti was an accomplished man who discovered ways to discovered new ways to combine art and architecture together to create both relevant and continent pieces yet beautiful and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
The Renaissance was a time of re-birth and awakening in Europe especially in art as their pieces evolved into more realistic and life-like. The Renaissance birthed the great talents of artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Artwork served a very important role in serving to the Renaissance helping the wealthy show off their riches, containing artefacts as

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