Subculture Theory

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The first theory I will be applying is the Subculture Theory. “Theories developed by Albert Cohen and by Richard Cloward and Lloyd Ohlin are extensions of the strain, social disorganization, and differential association theories. They explain why delinquent subcultures emerge in the first place (strain), why they take a particular form (social disorganization), and how they are passed on from one generation to the next (differential association)” (Freda Adler, 2013).
This theory, in general, offers great explanation as to why different attributes, actions, or tendencies are developed in certain cultures or communities. The first area I will be applying this theory to is illegal drug use. Subculture theory has been a very important tool in …show more content…

Illegal drug use is vastly becoming one of the most recognizable traits in subculture communities. The National Association of Public Health Observatories have suggested that there has been variation of drug use by young people, from the use of different types of drugs, and determining use between men and woman (Shane Blackman, 2010). Subculture theory suggest that illegal drug use is learned from what people see around them, within family, and community settings. Another influence in illegal drug use could be offered simply because of what people see around them. The adoption of role models and emulation in the Subculture Theory has provided other great explanations into the aspects of illegal drug use. There has been a lack of positive role models for children and young people to look up to (Shane Blackman, 2010). For example, in a study, many children and young adults signified Eminem as a role model due to the fact that they could relate to him. “Eminem raps about taking drugs, truanting, alcohol, sex with women who have HIV, killing people and self-harm, and asks 'do you want to grow-up like me”? (Shane Blackman, 2010) This has become a big problem in Subculture Theory because children are often looking up to people

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