Substance Abuse : A Wide And Varied History

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Substance abuse has a wide and varied history throughout the world. Interestingly enough, substance abuse can be viewed from two different standpoints; as a disability itself (primary) and co morbidly with other disabilities (secondary or even tertiary). The use of various substances has a multitude of effects on both the individual who is using the substance as well as individuals surrounding user. In addition, there are many vocational issues that arise with each separate diagnosis, that need to be taken into account relating to the goals and objectives of individuals. This paper will begin with a brief account of drug use throughout history. It will then introduce various terminology that should be known when examining the occurrence of substance use and abuse. I will then follow the use of drugs as well as their placement with the text, though the various editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), and discuss additional medical complications that might not be seen within the manual. Prevalence rates of individuals with disabilities, specifically those with intellectual/ development disabilities will be discussed, including those with secondary psychiatric disabilities and tertiary substance abuse diagnoses. The paper will end with a discussion of what is looked for by employers and how intellectual disabilities and substance abuse can impact these qualifications, and finally will have a brief discussion on the former and current

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