Substance Abuse And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Many people in America are faced with the urge to constantly put various types of drugs and liquor into their body, and many of them succeed in doing it. They are faced with America’s silent killer, substance abuse. Substance abuse affects the user and everyone that they are around and most of the time the user doesn’t even realize nor care that it affects other people because they are consumed by the substances. These substances have the power to dramatically change people’s lives, such as the physical toll it takes on our body, the ways in which it corrupts our metal process, and the detrimental effects it has on our social lives.
Most substances that are used in our society, are used to change our state of consciousness, mood, and our perception. These types of changes are most commonly found in psychoactive drugs. Many psychoactive drugs such as ecstasy and marijuana provide a momentary sense of euphoria which causes many users to crave that state of relaxation and pleasantness. These cravings could easily lead to addiction, because when the substances are used in excess, users create a dependence for the drugs. They are unable to function when they do not use the substance because they have the belief that they will not feel good if the drug is not used. We see this kind of addiction amongst ecstasy users, because ecstasy causes a massive increase of serotonin the day the user use the drug. When serotonin is increased on such a large scale it causes users to be in a
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