Substance Abuse And Its Impact On Criminal Involvement

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This paper highlights how substance abuse, the lack of treatment, and how it plays a role in continuous recidivism. I will focus on substance abuse and its impact on criminal involvement, discuss whom this problem effects, and elaborate on how this problem is being viewed. In the second half of this paper I will discuss what interventions are being used to address the substance abuse problem in the criminal justice system. Interventions will include: the establishment of drug courts, substance abuse treatment [both in and out of prison], and specialized intensive probation/parole.
It is commonly viewed among key stakeholders in the criminal justice system that drug and alcohol use share a relationship with some criminal acts and repeat offenses. A study by Beth Huebner shows that drug and alcohol use is widespread among offenders in Illinois (Huebner). A total of 64 percent of Huebner’s study sample had previous substance abuse history, which is consistent with documented national research (Huebner). Taking a deeper look into the nation’s prison population, it shows that drug and alcohol use will greatly increase the probability that an individual will enter into serious criminal doings. According to The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, in 2006 drugs and/or alcohol were connected with 78 percent of violent crimes; 83 percent of property crimes; and 77 percent of public order, immigration, weapon offenses, and probation/parole violations (National…
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