Substance Abuse, Drug Traffickers And Addicts On How Religion Can Help Individuals On Their Addictions

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In this paper I will be discussing religion, science, substance abuse, drug traffickers and addicts on how religion can help individuals on their addictions, and how clergy members need to have more training on substance abuse. In religion it has been known that the clergy members are not educated as they should be on substance abuse and because of this it becomes a problem
(Califano, and Sheehan 8). Then within the health care providers and psychiatrists, the issue with them is that they do not believe that using spirituality and religion will even help and treat people who suffer with drug abuse (Califano, and Sheehan 8). Now there have been studies to prove that in fact that religion and spirituality can aid the treatment and …show more content…

Then the study found that psychiatrists and health care providers refused to use the power of spirituality and religion through their session with their patients (Califano, andSheehan
8). Since this created a problem the Vatican came forward to help in any way possible (Califano, and Sheehan 8). Other studies found that in the United States, people do in fact follow different religious beliefs
(Califano, and Sheehan 8). Majority of the people have a belief in a God, and 92% of those people join certain religion groups (Califano, and Sheehan 8). For example, there are different groups of churches, cathedrals, synagogues, Islamic centers and mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples that are within our states (Califano, and Sheehan 8). Then in the medical field researchers find that the United States have the most advanced medical aid with high developed equipments to be able to work it (Califano, and Sheehan 8). Yet, clergy and physicians, religion, and science are all separated from one another (Califano, and Sheehan 8). Now when medicine and spirituality are separated we don’t allow individuals to receive full possible aid they may need in order to recover and lessen their pain they may be going through
(Califano, and Sheehan 8). There is a report called CASA that has extraordinary surveys from clergy and heads of schools of theology of information that includes

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