Essay about The Key Change Needed for an Alcohic to Recover

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The spiritual experience is about the personality change that occurs in mind of an alcoholic. This change is the ultimate key that unlocks the door to recovery. Additionally, the appendix describes how the process of recovery is paved with religious experiences. It is believed that a religious experience must be sudden or spectacular. However, the appendix states that everyone's experience is personal and unique. However, this is a very difficult experience to embrace. This is the very element that forces alcoholics to finally confront and overcome their inner demons. Alcoholic's hopeless attempts to control his/her addictive behavior are made more difficult by his/her inability to become spiritually available. This phenomenon is very …show more content…

It is this very power that makes the journey towards living a sober life a little more comfortable. Therapists also have to reframe an addict's psychological state to improve his/her concepts and ideas about accepting a Greater power. Additionally, a therapist can remind alcoholics that this greater forgives and provides sanity at all times. In addition to mastering these skills a therapist must also motivate an addict to find and use his/her personal form of spiritual guidance. This journey of seeking serenity could lead an addict to a state of clarity, understanding, and spiritual awakening. Integration of concepts. As a potential therapist who may work with addicts it will be important for me to first understand the importance of the 12-step program. Understanding the power and resources that Alcoholics Anonymous provides for addicts will it will help me to understand my scope of practice when working with an alcoholic. To further add, by working with a client who is actively participating in a meeting it can help with breaking through resistance barriers. The support that a client gains from group members can help foster spiritual growth. Understanding an addict's spiritual beliefs, I can be better accepting of his/her level of autonomy. This level of acceptance can be enhancing through self-disclosure as well. A therapist can use tools of validation and instillation of hope to lessen the client's chances of regressing. In

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