Substance Abuse Prevention At The United States

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The purpose of this paper is about two substance abuse preventing program in the United States. Team Awareness is a preventing program that deals with behavioral risk that is associate with substance abuse among employees and their families. The purpose of this preventing program is to help individuals with social health and communication to improve the attitude towards alcohol. The program is about six to eight months to help employees and prepare them for the program. According to NREPP “Team Awareness is a customizable wellness program that also incorporates substance abuse prevention; it has been adapted for many different contexts.” Therefore, programs like team awareness help organizations that have employees that are having a hard time with substance abuse. The goal of this substance abuse program is to help with community resources and if they need to be refer to a program 12 step program. According to NREPP “ To achieve these objectives, the training focuses on six components: the importance of substance abuse prevention; team ownership of policy (embracing policy as a useful tool for enhancing safety and well-being for the whole workgroup); stress, including stressors, individual coping styles, and other methods for coping; tolerance and how it can become a risk factor for groups; the importance of appropriate help-seeking and help-giving behavior; and access to resources for preventive counseling or treatment. Team awareness is funded by the Peer Assistance
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