Ending The Aid Of Substance Abusers

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Grime 1
Carys Grime
Professor Youngpeter
Composition 2
April 21, 2015
Ending the Assistance of Substance Abusers The United States of America is a great nation, with many great opportunities for our country’s vastly diverse citizens. One of these opportunities is the provision of welfare for those citizens that need that little bit of extra help to keep going. However, this welfare is also a cause of great discontent among some of the other citizens of our country. These citizens opposing welfare may sound like they may be cruel or unsympathetic people, but they may have a solid basis for their disagreeing attitude. Some of the recipients of this welfare are not citizens unable to do work and provide for themselves. and many taxpayers do not believe it is their obligation to support the people that are unwilling to do the work to support themselves. I believe that these citizens are right and that something should be done to prevent the casting away of the hard-earned money of America’s taxpayers. To prevent this money from being wasted by those that are undeserving of government assistance, I believe that anyone applying for or receiving welfare should be subjected to mandatory drug testing before they are given their welfare. If they choose not to participate in the testing, then they do not deserve to be given money, because it is obvious that they do not know how to use it wisely, responsibly or prudently.

Grime 2 The welfare system of the United States is made up of…
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