Substance Abusers And Heavy Drinkers

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The age group with the highest quantity of both substance abusers and heavy drinkers are people ages 18–29 years old. These ages mainly include seniors in high school to college students. Marijuana, Alcohol, Prescription medications, Cocaine, Heroin, and Ecstasy are the drugs that are most commonly used drugs by college students. Students will always be exposed to the world of alcohol and drugs; in result, they are becoming more prevalent in younger aged children as the years go by. There is a especially higher risk of use in college. In one 's freshman year they experience living on their own meanwhile, being surrounded by hundreds of students it 's inevitable that you are going to meet new people that are into different things. The…show more content…
If you are generally stressed, depressed, aggressive, impulsive, antisocial personality, as well as mental health problems. One 's level of education can be a determiner, ff you have poor school performance, does not expect to do well at school or doesn 't care about school, absence, truancy and dropout. If one 's family life is complicated, parents that use drugs or break law, parents that don 't monitor activities, rejected by parents, parents never discipline, divorce, addiction in family, other family issues can all push students towards drugs. What I found to be the biggest component is the environmental factors. If they have easy access to drugs, poverty, friends using drugs, friends that are bad influences, and the world around them can expose them to drugs. In this paper I decided to split my research between “party” drugs and prescription drugs. Party drugs (also known as club drugs) refers to a variety of drugs usually found at dance clubs and house parties also including raves and concerts. Although the recreational substance use among the general public is relatively low, the commonness of use among people in nightlife settings is much higher. The typical drugs of choice in these environments are Ecstasy, LSD(acid), Marijuana, Cocaine, Psilocybin/Mushrooms, alcohol, etc. Typical party drugs include not only illegal substances like ecstasy and cocaine, but also legal substances such as alcohol. When it

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