Substance Addictions and Abuse Counseling

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Substance Abuse and Addictions Counseling Bristina Strzelecki Liberty University

Substance abuse and addictions counseling is a newer counseling field. Although it is fairly new, there is so much research and so many guidelines to help someone make it through as a substance abuse and addictions counselor. It holds a great importance and people should be aware of the severity of substance abuse and addiction. This field has several aspects and themes that help an addict or substance abuser gain a new lifestyle without substances. Reasons for use, assessment, diagnosis, treatment/recovery/rehabilitation, and sober living are extremely important topics in the
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252), influences that affect substance abuse. Feldman (2011) says that some people make using a habit and it becomes out of control and the toleration for alcohol or drugs becomes so high that they have to use more and more to feel the effects they once felt. A drug, “releases inhibitions and tension, and it reduces stress” (Feldman, 2011, p. 372-373). Feldman says that a lot of college students drink a lot because they think that everyone else is drinking a lot (“known as the false consensus effect” (p. 373)). Genetics can play a role in addictions as well. Prenatal care is very important. Leukefeld et al. (2009) suggests that there are several influences to a fetus that can affect them throughout their life. Leukefeld et al. states that use of drugs and/or alcohol during pregnancy can influence addiction during the fetus’s life time. It is said to be difficult to determine the extreme influence of biological effects of using on the child. Leukefeld et al. does describe that the immense exposure to different substances, does have a major influence on a child and their likeliness to use or abuse as well. Substances include tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, drugs and other day-to-day things people use that we do not think about often (Leukfeld et al., 2009).
Correct assessment of addiction is very important. There can often be multiple diagnoses of addiction and mental health disorders. It is imperative that a counselor or someone around
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