Success Is An Important Aspects Of Success

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My ideal of success is setting and accomplishing goals you have set for yourself. Success can be achieved through determination, staying focused, and overcoming obstacles. Determination is a quality that makes you continue trying. I feel determination is an important aspect of achieving success because staying determined to achieve a goal, gets you one step closer to being successful in the goal you've set for yourself. I was able to achieve my goal of becoming a good basketball player, through determination. I started basketball when I was 12 years old, with no experience. I was scared to get into something totally different than the usual sports I played but wanted to achieve and be successful as a player and a teammate, so I started asking for feedback on everything I did, like dribbling and shooting hoops. I made sure I was at every practice and game with a positive attitude and ready to learn. I also asked for coaching assistance and practiced once a week with a coach, in order to strive at being the best player I could be. A few months went by and my routine of practicing every day, asking for feedback, and staying determined to be better, paid off, I was not only a better player, but I also became the teams MVP. Another aspect of being successful is staying focused. The word focused means to direct time and attention to a limited number of issues. An example of someone who is staying focused, in order to achieve being successful would be my 15-year-old brother

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