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Many college students have struggle with school, work, and their personal life responsibilities. Once you become a college student there is a lot of struggles. College students tend to demonstrate that no matter what they tried to manage their life. Also, you tried to do all things possible to accomplish school ,and have have at least free days or times in their life.There is severals ways that successful students manage work,school, and their their personal life. To begin with, one way how successful students manage work is by finding the appropriate time to work. An example is, I seen many of my colleagues how most of them didn’t make it to class or left early from class to go to work. Either today I haven’t had an issue right now with coming late to work. College students tend to have a higher expectation to go to work and make it on time. It’s demonstrated that balancing work depends on when you can work while going to school. Most of college students to be successful at school go to work right after all their classes are done. Being in a rush to work they tried to get early to have more free time to even start on some assignments. Finding the appropriate time to work is easy ,but when it comes to school …show more content…

College students have responsibilities at home too not only at work and school. Pretty much most of us have chores at home that we must do or help out. At my house we have split chores ,but since I’m the oldest from siblings I have to do all the chores. It’s difficult balancing my chores when I have school ,and work. As soon I get home liked I said I do my assignments to not worry about them later at night before I do any chores. Sometimes I don’t do my responsibilities due to the fact I have a lot of school work. But at the end , I did all my chores and had even free time to spend it with my brothers playing

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