Successful Online Learning Of A Blended Classroom

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Successful Online Learning in a Blended Classroom Lee Anne Todd University of New England EDU 721: Technology with Inclusion Education November 5, 2015 In today’s high schools, it has become increasing more difficult to meet the diverse needs of students with social-emotional disabilities. These students face a myriad of challenges including school avoidance and school phobia. Schools must be creative and develop programs to support each student’s emotional health while providing a rigorous program to meet the student’s academic needs. One model to address the needs of students who are school avoidant or have school phobia is an off campus location which is staffed by special needs teachers with an expertise in mental health and counseling. By staffing such programs with teachers designed to meet the students’ emotional health, academic rigor may be sacrificed. Programs that lack content certified teachers to address all students’ academic needs are turning to on-line learning platforms. Virtual high schools and online learning courses create a solution to educating high school students who may not be able to be educated in a traditional classroom setting (Reid, Aqui, & Putney, 2009). Schools are creating blended learning environments where educators trained in mental health can support students’ mental health while accessing a content rich environment with online courses. This research review will

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