Successful Student or a Competent Learner

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A successful student may be a competent learner; but a competent learner may not always be a successful student This is so due to various factors not least of all socio-economic experience. One may grow up in a disadvantaged, rigidly confining background where one is dubbed in a certain way that reinforces the way the person feels about himself. The student may also grow up in conditions that do not allow him to flourish, be they for instance the kind of educational background that is described in the recent bestseller "unorthodox",w here for religious reasons, the author grew up with virtually no secular education and where her peers left high school reading on a fourth grade level and not introduced to the classics and where great parts of their textbooks were expunged. The school refused, for religious reasons, to present them with a high school diploma. These were students who had the potential to be competent. They are, in a manner of speaking, competent students since they excelled in religious studies. Yet, they were unsuccessful due to external conditions beyond their control. Here I want to give an example of a famous essay (Rose, M. "I Just Wanna Be Average" ) that seems to be making its rounds amongst schools of someone who was relegated to lower track through no fault of his own and became a successful student only when he was 'relabeled' and promoted to a higher track. In the first tack, he, like so many others, was
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