Suicide Among Teen Victims Of Cyberbullying Essay

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Suicide among Teen Victims of Cyberbullying Suicide among teens who were victims of cyberbullying has been an ongoing issue for quite some time. Legally, cyberbullying is very problematic not only for the victims and their families, but also the justice system. What is considered cyberbullying is and because cyberbullying is committed by school age children there is an ethical issue in what is considered as an appropriate legal punishment and which branch of the government should be the one to pursue justice for cyberbullying victims (MacKay, 2015). Mackay became advocate and joined the Nova Scotia Task Force on Bullying and Cyberbullying after an array of young teenage women committed suicide. The apparent links to their suicide was the constant physical and digital bullying. Background Social media is the ultimate platform for bullies. Using social media, perpetrators can bully their victims to the point of anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, suicidal ideations and in some cases to the committal of the suicidal act. Cyberbullying is defined as the deliberate repetition of hostility toward a group or persons with the intent to induce psychological, emotional, or physical harm through the use of digital communication (Niels, Menno, et. Al, 2013). A study conducted in 2014, stated that nearly 75% of school age youth have been the victim of cyberbullying (Giumetti, Kowalski, et al., 2014). Digital communication, although thrives on relationships, aids in a consequence free

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