Suicide Essay

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-+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=- IGN (Include Previous Names Also): F4s, WristSoIcy, FrereJaques, StodolaPumpa, Axonic, Oculist, NotNether, Antarctix, KayEfCe, xIcee Age: 13 Timezone: Central, U.S.A Location: Texas Gender: Male How many hours can you play each day? Weekdays - 11-8 Saturday 10-11 Sunday-10-9 Have you had any past experience? MCWarside- Warside used to be a fairly populated server, It had about 500-750 people on a day and I was a trial moderator. I was a Trial Moderator for 3 weeks before I had to resign.I resigned due to my exams on the horizon and me having no time on my hands. SavageMC- Savage was a server that had about 75 people on it before the owner shut it down. I received moderator on this server…show more content…
I am a hard worker, I always work to achieve goals that I have set (Such as staff on Arsenic) and I will not stop until I have achieved that goal Maturity- Kids my age are considered very immature, but I believe I stand out from the immature One reason for that is my parents, they made sure I was mature and did not act like an idiot everywhere I went. I know my maturity levels are what will let me be a good staff member, I don't joke around when it comes to something serious, I take action. Past Experience- I have had past staff experiences on pretty popular servers and I have had about 2 years staff experience. I know that this is something that will help me get to the top (Staff team) I know how to work under pressure and I know when I need to talk. I was staff from a very young age. I see that if I can do that at age 11, I can do better at age 13. Why do you want to become Staff? I want to be involved in this community and this server for numerous reasons. One quality of this server is its staff. I have seen countless times in-game of staff being mocked and instead of throwing a fit and getting mad at them, they silently take action. I want to be part of a good staff team like Arsenic. I have seen how respectful they are and how well they do their job. I saw a hacker today(July 20th) the staff team took care of him real quick. Another reason I want to be part of this staff team is it will help my HCF knowledge grow. Arsenic is the first HCF server I

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