Suicide Essay

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Its 8 in the morning receive an unexpected call. I try ignoring it and going back to sleep but it kept on ringing. So I get up to answer it and it happens to be my best friend’s mom from back country. She tells me son, something bad happened, I dint understand what she was mumbling, crying and spitting out fragments of words, but what got my attention was “suicide”. I figured something big must have happened; I speak to a different member of the family and find out that he committed suicide. Munjal was his name, my childhood friend living in India. I drop the phone from my hand, shocked, lost all my senses. The last thing I recall is speaking to him on the phone 1 week ago and how he was telling me all his problems he is having with…show more content…
Sometimes when a member gives away all the valuable stuffs that could also be a sign even though it could mean that the person no longer wants it or he/she is relocating. When you are a family member its really hard to commit suicide but when an individual plans on committing suicide they tend to push the loved members away or create a fight that the death won’t affect them much, this is also one of the sign. But out of all these, the most common is depression. This is what happened in my friend’s case, depressed over loosing the person he loved. People thinks that he or she will attract more attention by dying than living, that it’s their road to fame. They imagine being a glamorous or romantic figure in their death. They fantasize about people crying at their funeral. What they have overlooked is the fact that she will not be able to witness the funeral, or to enjoy the attention they desired. Let’s look at how people commit suicide, often people use medicine since they are scared of the pain and there are some who does it physically. What’s most common now is cutting which is a sign of depression, teen prefers that, they cut their self to release some stress and also to get attention. These days when teens faces depression they resort to drugs and alcohol since it makes them forget everything for a duration until it hits them back when they are sober and

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