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In their life, at one point or another, people deny to themselves and others what they really feel and what really happened. Some people go on living their entire lives denying their true emotions. In Toni Morrison’s novel Sula, characters constantly denied their feelings and their actions. Sula Peace, her best friend Nel Wright, and Nel’s mother do not listen to their feelings and hide from their true emotions.
Sula Peace is one of the protagonists of the novel. She is born to a very unstable family and is from that moment treated differently in “the Bottom”, the black section of Medallion, Ohio. From the time that she was very young, right up until her death, Sula denied her true emotions. She refuted her need for love and did not …show more content…

Sula could not bring herself to help her mother and because of the pain she felt, she also could not help her grandmother.
As Sula became older she continued to run from her emotions and from her problems. When Nel married Jude Greene in 1927, Sula ran away after the wedding. She ran for ten years because she thought that her and Nel’s friendship would not say the same and that Jude would replace her in Nel’s life.
When Sula returned to Medallion, she came back the same person as the one who left. She was still running from her problems and her past. Sula put Eva into a nursing home because Eva brought back memories of how Sula watched her own mother die. Once again Sula ran away fro her past trying to change the future. A little after, when Nel asked Sula why Eva was put in a nursing home, Sula lied to Nel saying: “I’m scared Nellie. That’s why...”(100) She once again turned her face away from her past and lied to herself and her best friend about what really happened.
Sula’s best friend and the other protagonist of Sula was Nel Wright. Nel was the exact opposite of Sula. Nel had a light skin color, almost like the color of sand; in contrast, Sula’s skin was dark like the rich earth. Nel was the picture of innocence and purity; Sula had a birthmark in the shape of a rose over one of her eyes, giving an impression of something mysterious. Nel was a calm

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