Summarization Of Jean Anyon 's Article

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Summarization of Jean Anyon’s Article

Jean Anyon is a professor at the Graduate Center of the City University in New York and is an expert in educational policy. Her published works consist of Theory and Education Research: Toward Critical Social Explanation and Radical Responsibilities: Public Policy, Urban Development and a New Social Movement. Anyon’s article, “From Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum Of Work” was first featured in 1980 in the Journal of Education. Her essay regarding teachings in different socioeconomic classes, was published more than 20 years prior, to her other works (Rereading America Ninth ed., p. 164). Anyon wholeheartedly agrees with scholars, who argue that schools provide students with separate learning experiences, in differing social-classes. From 1978-79, she studies fifth-grade classrooms at five New Jersey schools (p. 165). Anyon closely reviews socioeconomic characteristics of the students families, such as, income, occupation, gender and race. Anyon collects the evidence by, examining the students, teachers, curriculums and the materials provided in each classroom. The author investigates four schools which are the working-class, middle-class, affluent professional and the executive elite schools. She finds that working-class schools consists of parents who have blue-collar jobs, as skilled and unskilled laborers. The author also believes these families meet or fall below poverty-level conditions. Anyon labels the third school as

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