Summarization Of Volunteer Opportunity. The Volunteer Experience

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Summarization of Volunteer Opportunity
The volunteer experience was at Chandler Christian Community Center in Chandler, Arizona. The volunteer experience was coordinated by Yessica Munoz and other assistant volunteers. Hours of operation were a few hours a day. The experience provided a substantial impact, by seeing many needs of our people in the community who needed help. This writer was amazed at the amount of guidance, prayers, and assistance given to assist those who struggle.
The ability to just sit and listen, talk with others, hear their stories and their struggles in their lives, when bringing food to them was just an overwhelming opening. The thankfulness and sharing of emotions were just a part of how we can truly touch
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The ability was needed to set aside the personal points of view, and valuing others’ perspectives, with the approach of having an open mind (Servant Leadership, n.d.).
Healing is a characteristic that relates to the emotional health and wholeness of people and involves supporting them both physically and mentally (Greenleaf, n.d.). When the conversations were taking place inside the community during lunch times, this author observed the more skilled volunteers assisting those that struggle to make ends meet; providing them with the physical and emotional support they all needed. The words and prayers shared amongst the volunteer staff were breath-taking. Servant leadership was displayed in more than one way during this volunteer experience.
Finding Myself
The experience was one that has provided the ability to see life and people from a deeper personal view. There are many forms of individuals that either works hard and struggle to make ends meet or who were once of great wealth and are homeless now. Seeing a community come together without judgment, and open their hearts and provide an amount of compassion and caring to everyone was astounding.
This writer has learned to be caring and compassionate to all. People are incredible assets in this world, taking their misfortunes and being able to turn their point of view around just from coaching, listening and empowering them to look inside
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